Life keeps on moving, today you are here and the next day you will be somewhere else. These inevitable changes are the driving factors helping us to make our decisions, shape our lives and to drive the car. Anyways, where so many sure things to life, at the same times, death is part of this changing dilemma too. And when it is about death then the ever happening debate whether to choose cremation or burial comes to play.

Like many other parts of the world even in USA, the debate whether to get cremation or burial is always at its park. So, if you are not sure what you are going to choose either for yourself or for your seniors then let’s have brief cross analysis for you.

Doubts You Should Clear About Cremation

Cremation Credit

Crematorium in USA no doubt are getting busy day by day. The trend to get cremated is rising as compared with the past era. And the prime reason for this is, the growing costs. However, let’s be honest, choosing cremation with related services may cost you way more than what you actually think for.

Since people go for cremation because of savings. However, opting cremation merely to save bucks won’t work in case you need to bury the urn or remaining of the descendant’s body. In any case you will have to buy the land for grave.

Cremation is More Affordable


Comparing it with the Burial Cost, Cremation no doubt costs way less. However, saying that cremation or crematorium is going to save you a huge pile of money is not a valid approach. It can take much more if you opt anything other than traditional cremation.

Let’s think for a second that it is affordable but wouldn’t you wish to know that how? Well, if you don’t go for coffin, monument or burial plot to pay for then it is way affordable. However, we believe that few of you would not like to have coffins for your descendant.

Crematorium in USA Are Easily Accessible

Crematorium in USA

Nope! In case you think that crematorium in USA are easily accessible then we would ask you to think again. No doubt the rising dilemma of cremation is motivating funeral houses to opt this as well. Still, finding cremation services or crematorium on an easy access won’t look easy at all.

Once Cremated You Are Almost Gone


There is a general notion that once cremated the remains can’t be gathered. However, you will be surprised to know that when choosing cremation services, portability of the remains  is one of the most compelling factor that push you to opt it.

Doubts about Burial

Doubts about Burial

When it comes to Seniors Burial then there are several doubts that live inside. Often these are mingled with the high costs and sometimes the fear of health is what keeps seniors away from opting it.

In an independent survey by team SIA Insurance from 100 people asking, what’s the most impeding factor for getting burial insurance for you or for your seniors and the answer is, prolonged health questions, fear of medical exams and the unmentioned rising premiums.

If this is the case, we would rather ask you not to worry about. There are number of insurance agencies in USA who are offering you Seniors Burial Insurance on leveled premiums and that of without asking any questions or exams. Anyways, still, there are some doubts that do exist about Burial Insurance Policies.

Burial Insurance is For Seniors Only

Burial Insurance for seniors

There is a notion that only seniors can buy burial insurance for them. However, we totally deny the fact. No doubt, this is something that is meant for seniors however, buying this policy is open to everyone. Say, you are in USA and don’t fall under the age of 45 but still want to make sure your parents get best final trip, you can buy it for them. Provided that they are sitting next to you.

Burial Insurance Involves Lot of Health Questions

Burial Insurance Policy

Here at SIA Insurance, we believe getting burial insurance is as easy as get, set go. We are not sure about other insurance agencies, however, as a top rated Insurance Agency in USA, we hardly reject or disapprove any applicant just because of health questions and medical exams.

Premium Levels Keep Rising

burial insurance policy

Last but not least, buying senior’s burial insurance policy from a renowned agency can assure that you’re your premium remains same and that your wallet won’t get any dent on it.

So What’s Your Decision Then?


Buying your seniors cremation or Burial either with or without Funeral is something that totally relies on you. Apart from above reasons, there are so many other factors that needs attention. It all depends what you choose, how you choose or why you choose.

In any case, you need expert opinion or looking for a Free Quote on Final Expense in USA, head back to us and we will be happier to assist you.